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Shape the future of ALM—Sign up for the HPE ALM Public Beta

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Shape the future of ALM—Sign up for the HPE ALM Public Beta

It’s about speed, quality and scale

Today’s business drives digital innovation faster and faster, leading App development and testing teams to adopt lean, Agile and DevOps practices to balance speed, quality and scale for their apps under high pressure to continuously innovate.  However, not all apps will require high velocity cadence, and some will continue to support business with a conservative yet consistent and reliable delivery method.  Gartner research calls this dynamic Bi-modal IT.

With this in mind, what does it mean for Application Lifecycle Management tools?   App teams have relied on ALM tools to manage software delivery many years now.  And now, ALM tools must adapt and enable no matter what mode is needed.  As demand for high velocity, lean delivery (Scaled Agile, DevOps) accelerates, it’s time to optimize ALM for this level of speed, quality and scale.  Enter the HPE ALM Beta.  Open now for your engagement.

See what ALM looks like when optimized for lean, high speed delivery with continuous quality.  Sign up here:

Want to learn more? Listen to this recorded webcast for a preview of the HPE ALM Beta