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Protect Your Enterprise’s Bottom Line – New Autonomy eDiscovery Courses

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Protect Your Enterprise’s Bottom Line – New Autonomy eDiscovery Courses

The most expensive part of any lawsuit is the discovery phase. Particularly in the era of big data, where every document might potentially be key to a case, organizations need cost-effective ways to meet their document production requirements while keeping legal expenses under control. Autonomy’s eDiscovery software solutions span the entire Electronic Discovery Reference Model, with tools that issue and enforce litigation hold notices, expedite electronic document processing, rapidly analyze collected data, enable efficient document review, automatically tag documents using Meaning Based Coding, and speed production of data into the desired format for delivery.


Find out how to protect your company’s collected data and your bottom line with two Autonomy Education courses: Autonomy Legal Hold (ALH) and Autonomy eDiscovery 7.5 (AED).

The one-day ALH course focuses on managing cases, identifying data custodians at the case level, and creating workflows to notify those custodians of litigation holds, preserve their data in place to prevent its destruction, and automate collection of relevant documents. Register now.


AED is a three-day course for legal users. Day 1 focuses on administrators who need to set up and organize projects, modules and personnel for document review and production. Day 2 trains supervisory legal users who will be responsible for managing review projects and productions. Day 3 is for end users who will be reviewing for relevance or privilege and redacting documents. All exercises include hands-on labs to ensure thorough understanding of course lessons. Register now.