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New Release - Mobile Center 2.2 with immediate effect!

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New Release - Mobile Center 2.2 with immediate effect!

Ease of use and flexibility are the core themes for this latest release of Mobile Center 2.2. From developers to test automation engineers, mobile app administrators and business/application owners, MC 2.2 has made their respective tasks easier. Some of the new features of interest include video/camera sensor simulation, support of LDAP/Active Directory for ease of management, quick ad hoc, exploratory testing on the go and most importantly, 4 new licensing options to cater to every customers’ needs. Read on here to learn more about what’s new in MC2.2.

Lastly, save the date and come join us in one of these webinars:

  • Feb 2nd: Supporting the Idea Economy in the world of finance

This is a re-run of Discover London session. Prospective customers will be interested to learn how WorldPay support the idea economy and achieved high return on investment through its use of HPE UFT and Mobile Center. Check out link here.