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NEW Knowledgebase Search on HP Software Support Online

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NEW Knowledgebase Search on HP Software Support Online

NEW Knowledgebase Search


This information is for customers with a valid support contract in their HP Passport profile.


We are excited to announce a new enhanced knowledge search capabilities available on the HP Software Support Online’ (SSO) portal:  Faceted Search.


Faceted Search

Faceted Search is a new application developed to directly access the Service Manager enterprise search platform, bypassing the standard API structure used on the current SSO search.  By accessing the Indexer directly, a number of different functions such as advanced tagging, filtering, query language extensions, and advanced text analysis can be utilized.  These enhancements make for much faster response and greater search accuracy.


The user interface is also much improved over the ‘form based’ legacy SSO search.  Faceted Search was designed to work like most common Internet search interfaces:  Google, Amazon, and others.   Queries are easily narrowed down through ticking check boxes rather than populating form fields.  Results are easily sorted by the system determined ‘best match’, most viewed, most current, or based on document rating by end users. 


Check out this new search by going to the HP ‘Software Support Online’ (SSO) portal


Once in the portal click the New Search tab above for a new search experience. You’ll have faster, more accurate results at your fingertips! Once you’ve tried it please provide your feedback.


To learn about the new features, click here.

Click here to access the Self-Solve Knowledge Search (Faceted Search) Help File.


NOTE: You will need to have a valid support contract in your HP Passport profile to be able to use access the knowledge base, otherwise you will get a message that you are unauthorized to view this document.