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My ExpertOne—your ticket to the career fast track

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My ExpertOne—your ticket to the career fast track

My ExpertOne—your ticket to the career fast track

Skilled teams are more productive teams. This means less time wasted on routine operations and more time available for innovation. HP ExpertOne helps you acquire new skills and certifications, putting you on the career fast track by giving you new ways to learn about new technologies, plus expert guidance on the best choices for upgrading your skills.


Find out how you can benefit, by visiting the new My ExpertOne portal. You’ll find customized training and certification recommendations, plus free learning opportunities based on your skills and interests. The My ExpertOne portal saves you time and gives you the personalized information you need to help you reach your professional goals faster.


The My ExpertOne portal also lets you track your HP certifications, find out about expert events, and access a wide variety of tips and resources tailored to your specific interests.


Get all the information. Visit My ExpertOne today using your HP Learner ID. If you don’t have an HP Learner ID, you can get one by registering with HP ExpertOne


Find out about all of our HP ExpertOne certifications and get on the career fast-track today!