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LoadRunner Online Expert Day on May 21st! Mark your calendars!

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LoadRunner Online Expert Day on May 21st! Mark your calendars!

Attention: Online Expert Day on LoadRunner on Tuesday, May 21st!  Mark this in your calendars!


We would like to invite you to join us on May 21st, where HP LoadRunner product experts will be online for 15 hours to answer questions regarding the following topics:

  •  TruClient  :  TruClient is an innovative browser-based testing technology for performance, load and automation. TruClient supports simple Web as well as modern JavaScript-based applications. TruClient’s scripting engine is embedded within the browser, and behaves like a true browser client. It utilizes a unique, patented approach to object recognition, which makes it an extremely flexible and extensible solution for testing Web2.0 applications.  If you want to learn more about Ttruclient technology  in LoadRunner, come join us in the upcoming expert day session.


  • IP Spoofing  :  Do you want to learn about IP spoofing in LoadRunner. Ever wondered why to use IpSpoofing at all or how to use the IP Wizard or to update the routing table. Drop us a question for any of your question related to IPSpoofing during the Expert Day.


  • License :  Does the LoadRunner License mechanism confuse you?  Want to learn more about the different licenses available in Loadrunner, where license is stored or  how to how to migrate a license key from older version of LR to latest release. Come join us in the upcoming expert day session and drop us a question regarding licensing during our Expert Day.



Members will have the opportunity to ask any questions regarding this topic to our product team experts.  


What is an Online Expert Day? 


Online Expert Day is an event when HP product, R&D, support, pre-sales, and professional services team members and other employees join our online forums to answer your toughest technical questions. Expert Days give you a chance to talk directly with the HP Experts. 


How do Expert Day events work? 


Starting at 7:00 AM (Central European Time); 1:00 AM (Eastern Standard Time); 1:00 PM (Hong Kong Time) log on to this forum and post your questions. The Expert day will end at 10:00 PM (Central European Time); 4:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time); 4:00 AM (Hong Kong Time, May 22nd).


HP Experts will be online during this time in this forum and will do their best to answer your questions. They may need to get some more information from you so please check the box "email me when someone replies."  An online conversation will be born!


 We look forward to your attendance and your questions!