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LoadRunner Certification News

What’s all the talk on HP LoadRunner?


We get a lot of questions around performance testing certifications, specifically HP LoadRunner. In fact, the HP ExpertOne Certification Forum discussion thread on HP LoadRunner v11 certification has had over 6,500 views.  HP LoadRunner is the industry standard for application performance testing and many employers are looking for people with HP LoadRunner experience – it is a great resume or CV enhancer. HP ExpertOne, HP Software Education and the HP LoadRunner team partnered to publish the blog HP LoadRunner 11.00 Certifications: HP ExpertOne which has had over 688 views. The article discusses the value of HP LoadRunner software , the training available, and the value of getting HP LoadRunner v11 certified. This is a great place to start in building an understanding of the HP LoadRunner training path and in developing the optimal skill-set to fully take advantage of the software.


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