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Download the Cyber Risk Report 2015

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Download the Cyber Risk Report 2015

In cyber security, the past is prologue


Amazingly, many of the cyber attacks in 2014 exploited code that was decades old. And common problems like server misconfiguration continue to open the door to hackers. Combine that with new vulnerabilities in technologies like mobile devices and the Internet of Things, and spice it with continued poor coding practices, and you get an evolving threat landscape that challenges security professionals to keep their businesses safe.

To effectively plan your defenses, you need to see the world the way hackers do. The HP Cyber Risk Report 2015 brings you the information you need to understand the threat and what to do about it. Read the full report or executive summary to learn:

  • The common, well-known problems that continue to plague cyber security
  • Security trends in Windows, Linux, and mobile OSs
  • Why security pros were unprepared for Heartbleed and similar events

Download the report