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Announcing the 2011 HP Software EMEA Customer Champions

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Announcing the 2011 HP Software EMEA Customer Champions

We are happy to recognize the outstanding achievements of three companies. Each one of them is delivering business value and competitive advantage through high-performing IT. Undaunted by complexity or scale, they are using HP software to expose and exploit opportunities for improvement, whether it’s transforming IT to achieve unparalleled business alignment, or breaking down IT silos to enable a swift response to customer needs.


The HP Software 2011 EMEA Champions are:

  • Vodafone Ireland
  • Rosbank
  • Megafon


To better understand the business impact of IT and thus optimize service quality, Vodafone Ireland consolidated 14 sanctioned monitoring tools and adopted a new, formalized IT service model aligned with ITIL V3. HP software supported this massive transformation effort, providing end-to-end visibility and sophisticated mapping between services attribute performance and elements of customer satisfaction.

The transformation yielded:

  • 300% return on investment in the first year
  • 75% reduction in average time to restore service for major incidents
  • 77% reduction in cumulative monthly service downtime


The consolidation of all Societe Generale banks in Russia into a single bank—Rosbank—created a massive operational integration challenge. Rosbank IT needed to consolidate multiple systems and IT infrastructures in just ten months. At the same time it had to ensure service quality during and after the consolidation. Using HP software, Rosbank:


  • Increased operational efficiency and agility
  • Minimized SLA breaches
  • Gained ability to optimize service quality, even under conditions of continuous change


To improve customer satisfaction and drive down costs, MegaFon launched a modernization effort that included the consolidation of business and IT operations across Russia. Using a broad suite of HP software, MegaFon modernized application and infrastructure environments to improve the responsiveness of IT to business needs.

Key benefits:

  • Accelerated time to market
  • Reduced CAPEX and OPEX
  • Boosted customer satisfaction and loyalty with high-quality services