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Announcing Apps 'next' - Including new ALM and QC Releases v12.20 available now!

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Announcing Apps 'next' - Including new ALM and QC Releases v12.20 available now!

Announcing Apps “next”—a series of new releases to enable delivery of apps in the new mobile style of IT—fast with confidence, now



Building on the momentum of Apps 12, launched in 2014, as we start 2015, we build on that remarkable series of releases with great new.  From HP Software Application Delivery Management (ADM), we bring you a series of integrated new innovations and enhancements across our portfolio all designed to help our customers balance quality and velocity to bring to market mobile, web and cloud applications in the new style IT.  


Through this combination of releases, HP Software ADM increases the “power of done” by enabling rapid delivery of high quality mobile applications at Agile speeds.  With these releases you gain:


  • Agile delivery at scale, taking agile testing & delivery management from the team to the release to deliver amazing mobile apps fast
  • Smart testing for mobile and web apps ready for any network challenge
  • Accelerated development, testing and delivery through comprehensive network and service virtualization of most any application or service.
  • Insights to close loops and make the right decisions at sprint speed to faster deployment (DevOps):  Collaborate from any browser so that fast moving teams have the insights to move at sprint speed with confidence across Development, test and Operations.


This series of remarkable releases includes:


  • HP Application Lifecycle Management, and HP Quality Center v12.20—raising the bar on transparency and ease of use for lifecycle and quality management
  • HP Unified Functional Testing 12.02—the industry’s most adopted test automation now enhanced for Chrome browser support and more leading-edge web extensibility toolkits
  • HP Agile Manager 2.2—empowering teams and enabling Agile at Scale with SAFe  (Scale dAgile Framework) certification
  • HP Performance Center and HP LoadRunner 12.02—modernizing the performance engineering experience
  • HP StormRunner Load 1.2—combining simple, scalable cloud testing with analytics to determine capacity and optimize performance
  • HP Network Virtualization 9.0—the next generation of network virtualization—ensure all applications, including mobile deliver over any network, any time
  • HP Service Virtualization 3.6.2—expanding the ability to virtualize any constrained application or service without stubbing or mocking with intelligence learning and simulation for 24x7 dev/test access


And introducing HP Mobile Center 1.1 and HP AppPulse Mobiledesigned to simplify testing of mobile applications and focus the dev/test efforts where it matters most by infusing the process with real-world application use data from production.


Watch the Sales Awareness Webinar:

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Product Recording:

Sales Portal:           ​​io/alm/index.html


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Customer Webinars:

Link to what’s new in ALM/QC webinar:​​ails.asp?id=574424&group=

Link to what’s new in PC/LR VIVIT webinar​​0938368002