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ASE Exam Schedule (North America)

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ASE Exam Schedule (North America)

ASE Exam Schedule (North America):


11/30/12   Downers Grove, IL

12/07/12   Columbia, MD

12/17/12   Tampa, FL

01/11/13   Atlanta, GA

01/21/13   Phoenix, AZ

02/01/13   San Diego, CA

02/11/13   Tampa, FL

02/22/13   Toronto, ON


Choose from one of the following exam offerings:


  • Advanced PPM 9.x (HP0-M201P)
  • Advanced Server Automation 9.x (HP0-M230P)
  • Advanced Loadrunner + Performance Center 11.x (HP0-M99)
  • Advanced Functional Testing 11.x QuickTest Professional (HP0-M98)
  • Advanced Application Lifecycle Management 11.x (HP0-M97)
  • Advanced Business Service Management 9.x (HP0-M200P)
  • Advanced UCMDB 9.x (HP0-M95)
  • Advanced Operations Orchestration 9.x (HP0-M202P)
  • Advanced Operations Orchestration 7.x (HP0-M93)
  • Advanced Server Automation 7.8 (HP0-M88)
  • Advanced Asset Manager 9.x (HP0-M96)
  • Advanced Service Manager 9.2 (HP0-M92)
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