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7 keys to delivering a delightful digital UX

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7 keys to delivering a delightful digital UX

Create your UX based on extensive real-world testing and user insights.

Most mobile app teams are well aware how important the user experience (UX) has become. They’ve seen the statistics about how fast users will abandon a mobile app, a website, or a business app that doesn’t load or perform well, that crashes, that doesn’t work intuitively, or that just doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. They know a poor UX reflects badly on the business, not just the app. And most have been working hard to improve the UX—in fact the more mature the team, the more likely they are to be focused on the UX. 1

However, the requirements for delivering a superior digital UX are much less clear. What capabilities are needed to consistently and continuously deliver a UX that meets user and business requirements? This article takes a closer look at seven critical considerations and solutions that provide the required capabilities.

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