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while adding node it shows "Node added(Non SNMP device)"

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while adding node it shows "Node added(Non SNMP device)"

Hi All,


When I try to add node in NNMi under seeds it shows "Node added(Non SNMP device)".


When I find the node :-

It not showing management address

Status is "No Status"

Node mgmt mode is "Managed"

Device Profile is "No SNMP".


SNMP walk is working from NNMi console as well from command line too.


Kindly provide the answer why it shows "Node added(Non SNMP device)" and what is solution for this.


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Re: while adding node it shows "Node added(Non SNMP device)"

I would check your Communication Configuration, looking at the defaults, along with any region or node-specific configuration you have.


If you're adding a seed, NNMi will try all of the configured SNMP strings until it gets a match. If it's showing up as a Non-SNMP node, it means that NNMi didn't get a response.


When testing it with snmpwalk, you manually enter a community string. Is that string in the list of strings that NNMi will try?


If you think it is, then I would run a tcpdump, and watch the responses from the device. I have occasionally seen devices stop responding to an SNMP walk, which can cause problems for discovery.

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Re: while adding node it shows "Node added(Non SNMP device)"



Can you check the ordering number has been given in the read community string, if not give any number so that NNMi checks the communication configuration settings in this order: communication protocols for Specific Nodes, communication protocols for Network Regions, and if no match is found, NNMi tries these default community strings(these default community string should have ordering number). If NNMi discovers a device for which no SNMP settings are provided, that device is treated as a Non-SNMP device.


Secondly you can provide the community string for the specific node in the specific node configuration and check the device discovery.



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Re: while adding node it shows "Node added(Non SNMP device)"

Hi LindSay and Abhishek,


Today I checked and found from NNMi cosole i am able to do SNMP walk via MIB browser but from NNM Unix server SNMP walk is not working by cmd line.


[nnmadmin@nnm1srv ~]$ nnmsnmpwalk.ovpl -c vfngnmpls MUMB2-CLS05
No response from MUMB2-CLS05, verify credentials.
[nnmadmin@nnm1srv ~]$

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Re: while adding node it shows "Node added(Non SNMP device)"

Hello tcnoteam


1-Please select the node.


3-Configuration details

4-Communication settigs



Please verify the active community string .

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