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snmp walk

Nitin Nigam
Occasional Contributor

snmp walk


I have loaded inetco (NT Connect) mibs in NNM but when I try to use snmp mib browser. I am getting error that { Error:SNMP:Variable doesnot exist or access is denied }.
But I can do snmp walk in other mibs like ip, tcp, udp etc. but not on inetco mibs.
If anyone have experience with inetco mibs could you please tell me the solution, so that I can do snmp walk in inetco mibs.

Mike McKinlay
Esteemed Contributor

Re: snmp walk

Is your NNM on NT or UNIX? If UNIX, has the NT system been configured to allow SNMP queries from your management station?
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Darshan A. Masa
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Re: snmp walk

Hi Nitin,

I would like to clarify a couple of things here. The Loading of MIB is a process that takes place on your end. i.e. the Network Manager end. It is useful in identifying cryptic OID's by associating legible names with them.

Another thing is the IP Address & Community Name that you provide in the MIB Browser also are very important. If you are trying to get this values from a device that is not a inetco device then you will get the above error. One thing to check this is if you pull the whole tree under (*) then you will be able to check if inetco mib is supported by the corresponding IP device. For all the responses you get, check if any one of the values has the Inet Enterprise Number in it.

Hope this is helpful to you.

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