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pairwise configuration

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pairwise configuration

Hello Experts,


I was trying to create a pairwise configuration for diskError and diskError Clear.


When the normal event reaches NNMi, it is closing both the incidents.


I tried to select the "Delete when cancelled"  and interval of 15 sec.


when i invoked the trap by nnmsnmpnotify still i am seeing 2 events in the console.


Is there any way to delete the normal  event  and move the critical event to closed state ??


NNMi9.23 running on windows



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Re: pairwise configuration

Hello Tanish,


The following docs could be helped with the pairwise configuration, kindly see it:

Note: You can configure NNMi to delete traps when they are canceled/closed. (By check box: Delete When Canceled).

The deleting of events from the pairwise operation is done by another theard that runs every 2 minutes, so you might first see the traps in the browser >> and then you might see them close and get deleted.

Hope this help!

Best Regards,
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