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iSPI Performance report issue

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iSPI Performance report issue

Hi All,


We have got below exceptional error when generating reports from NNMi. Please help me to sort out this issue.




Error :





The request 'asynchWait_Request' failed because a previous request that returned a fault cancelled the conversation.   "




ISPI log shows :


FATAL D:/NNM9i_APP/NNMPerformanceSPI/bin/.etl-runtime.In​terface_Health.ovpl[2251] ETL.Interface_Health Unable to automatically handle DB error: Connection was terminated (DBD: execute failed)


When i checked db size, its quiet normal


DBSPACE Usage Summary for Database: "DSN=PerfSPIDSN"
DbSpace         Size    Res     Used(%)
IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN  512M    16G     21
IQ_SYSTEM_TEMP  5G      64G     1
USER_MAIN       40G     39.3G   44
[21408] d:\NNM9I_~1\NNMPerformanceSPI\bin\dbsize.ovpl(184) INFO: Done.


When cheked services, all are running


NNM iSPI Performance BIContentStore is running
NNM iSPI Performance BIServer is running
HP NNM iSPI Performance BI Service is running.
HP NNM iSPI Performance Database is running.
HP NNM iSPI Performance ETL Service is running.

HP HP NNM iSPI Performance Services all running OK

Interface_Health.Chart Detail:
        Executions 10
        Avg Time 48     +/- StdDev 20
        Max Time 75
        #Records/Execution 0
        #Records/Sec 0

        Executions 32
        Avg Time 0      +/- StdDev 0
        Max Time 1
        #Records/Execution 5700
        #Records/Sec 15199

        Executions 8
        Avg Time 4      +/- StdDev 0
        Max Time 4
        #Records/Execution 29748
        #Records/Sec 8499

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Re: iSPI Performance report issue



Is any solution from our end that we need to change any configuration. same error is coming while generating report in NPS.


If any solution is there please suggest.


T & R,