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iSPI Performance Metric

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iSPI Performance Metric

Hi Experts


I am using NNMi 9.20 & iSPI Perf metric installed on the same windows box.

We are using FQDN to access NNMi in network where it fails to access iSPI performance and gives error that

"Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"


This same work on local server.


Please suggest

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Re: iSPI Performance Metric

Is the performance SPI running? Is it listening on the correct port? (Probably 9300)


Edit: Check the firewall on the server - does it allow remote connections to the ISPI port?

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Re: iSPI Performance Metric

I would try the direct access, for example, http://<server-name>:9300   (if HTTPS configured on iSPI, use https:// and  the default port 9305 or whatever was configured). If it works, then check iSPI URLs configured in NNMi (Configuration, User Interface, Menu Items, open "Reporting-Report Menu", in "Menu Item Contexts" tab double click "Guests com.hp.ov.nms.model.core.Node ", in "Menu Item Action" drop down menue select "Open" and verify URL (port, server name, domain). If direct launch fails, check name resolution and if Proxy is used in the browser, configure the browser to exclude iSPI domain to allow direct access.

Sergey Pankratov
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