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apa topology error

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apa topology error

Hi, still facing problems with apa poller.


Can someone help me in this error ?


nnm03v2:/var/opt/OV/share/log # ovet_toposet -a shv_jee2.shv_gas_mpls
nnm03v2:/var/opt/OV/share/log # /opt/OV/support/NM/ovet_toposet -a -node shv_jee2.shv_gas_mpls
Error in Topology data retrieval
ErrorMessage: Validation Error in XML Filter information
AuxMessage: XML being validated:
<filters xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=" TopoFilter.xsd"> <nodeAssertion name="op1"><operator oper="NOOP"><attribute><name><string>shv_jee2.shv_gas_mpls</string></name></attribute></operator></nodeAssertion></filters>

XML filter validation error.
XML validation failed.
Error at file filter, line# 1, char# 328 : [Datatype error: Type:InvalidDatatypeValueException, Message:Value 'shv_jee2.shv_gas_mpls' does not match regular expression facet '((([\w|\-|\*|_]+)))(\.([\w|\-|\*]+)){0,10}'.]


TIA and regards


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Re: apa topology error

Hello Jose


The error suggests a problem with a filter.


I think we need to run the ovet_demandpoll.ovpl -d <device> command and review the output information. We need to make sure we are creating the correct filter.


Also, I recommend checking and testing these filters by running the ovet_topofilter.ovpl


Hope this information helps



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Re: apa topology error

Hi, thanks for your reply.


I did not build any filter. Using default TopoFilters.xml.


ovet_demandpoll.ovpl for others devices works fine.


BTW, where ovet_topofilter.ovpl lives ?


TIA and regards


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Re: apa topology error



Also, try using an IP address filter for this specific node under: /etc/opt/OV/share/conf/nnmet/topology/filter/TopoFilters.xml




Try adding an underscore (|\_) to the appropriate section of the TopoFilters.dtd



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