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Which is correcet ??

Otto Blomqvist_
Occasional Contributor

Which is correcet ??

HI !

What is "right" way to do NNM database cleaning routines ?

close sessions (close all maps).
ovstop netmon
ovtopofix -a
ovw -mapcount -ruvD
ovstart netmon


close sessions (close all maps).
ovstop netmon
ovw -mapcount -ruvD
ovtopofix -a
ovstart netmon

or is there in fact difference at all ??

Best Reg

Otto :)
Berlene Herren_
Senior Member

Re: Which is correcet ??

Otto, I have always used B) option, running ovw -mapcount first. I do thing
there is a difference in what you use first, I believe I have seen it done both
ovw -mapcount is a troubleshooting command that checks the consistency between
the map database maintained by ovw and the object database maintained by
ovwdb(1M). It checks the values of map reference counts stored in the object
database and corrects these values, if necessary.

The ovtopofix command is used to detect and correct inconsistencies that may
have developed between the IP topology database maintained by ovtopmd and the
database maintained by ovwdb for the ovw command.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event