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What is Interface Lower layer down ?

Bharath M R

What is Interface Lower layer down ?

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        Sorry for the basix question.


      In NNMi, some interfaces shows the status ""Lower Layer Down""  , somebody please explain the meaning !!

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Re: What is Interface Lower layer down ?

It refers to OSI  model


Layer 1 physical layer- electrical voltage , radio frequency ,  photon pulses (ethernet, token ring, FDDI, SONET)

Layer 2 data link layer- MAC and logical link aka classical switching

Layer 3 network layer -  IP, IPX, ICMP

Layer 4 transport -  TCP, UDP



Meaning that what you're looking at has one of the lower numbered parts of the model not working    

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Andy Kemp,  CISSP
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Re: What is Interface Lower layer down ?

From: Pg 18:

The lowerLayerDown state is also a refinement on the down state.
   This new state indicates that this interface runs "on top of" one or
   more other interfaces (see ifStackTable) and that this interface is
   down specifically because one or more of these lower-layer interfaces
   are down.
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