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Using ovtopofix

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Lane Frazier
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Using ovtopofix

Hello all,

I'm pretty new to Openview so forgive the rather simple question. I have HP-UX 11.0 and NNM 6.1

I'm trying to understand the proper way to use ovtopofix to keep my map and ovwdb in sync.

I'm very concerned about "messing up" the maps that I've worked so hard to create.

When I ran ovtopofix -n I got numerous messages. I would like to keep these "cleaned up".

I'm wondering if the periodic use of ovtopofix is a smart thing to do.

Here's the real question: Is a plain ovtopofix all that is needed to accomplish this? or are other options needed?... I know that netmon must be stopped before running the command.

Thanks for your help and your time.
Maybe one day I'll understand Openview?!
Berlene Herren
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Re: Using ovtopofix

ovtopofix is a great command to run on a regular basis. The ovtopofix command is used to detect and correct inconsistencies that may have developed between the IP topology database maintained by ovtopmd and the database maintained by ovwdb for the ovw command.

here are the steps I use to routinely cleanup the database.

1. ovstop netmon
2. ovw -mapcount -ruvD
3. ovtopofix -chs
4. ovstart netmon

Take a look at the man page for each of the arguments. ovw -mapcount is under #man ovw.

Albert E. Whale
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Re: Using ovtopofix


What Berlene said is true, these are great commands for maintenance. Sometimes it is important to run Steps 2 &3 two or more times and then insure that you reopen the maps that still present errors or warnings.

I have found that this is the most effective way to reduce the problems with both NNM and ITO residing on the same server, as well as maintaining a happy database for the Enterprise.

Hope this information is helpful as well.
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David Stevens_2
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Re: Using ovtopofix


I totally agree with the steps given. However, if you want to run a week maintence, I would suggest using the commands in the following manner:

1. ovstop netmon
2. Close all maps (if left open they will have to be restarted for any changes to take affect).
3. ovw -mapcount -u (if you have errors returned from this command then run with -ruvD options).
4. ovtopofix -chs
5. xnmsnmpconf -clearC
6. ovstart netmon

Hope this helps,
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