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Troubleshooting Steps

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Troubleshooting Steps

Hi Guys,


I am pretty new to NNMi, any help will be highly appreciated,


I am struggling with the troubleshooting that i need to do when i see the nodeorconnection node down incidents for the servers, router, switches etc.


Where and what i should look into the tool that will help me better to reach to the conclusion of the node down.

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Re: Troubleshooting Steps


I'm assuming that you need to confirm if the node is really down.

I suggest verify in NNMi server:

1. If the node is really down using ping command;
2. If nodename was correctly set using nslookup commmand;
3. If route to node is ok using traceroute (or tracert on Windows systems).

Additionaly, if the node is up you can verify snmp agent on node using NMMi command nnmsnmpwalk.ovpl or third part tools like snmpwalk or getif.



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