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Traffic ispi reporting

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Traffic ispi reporting



I am using traffic ispi 9.11.


I want utilization (%) and speed (kbps\mbps) report for particular set of ips on any interface.

For set of  ip's i have created 'site' based on ip's filter in traffic configuration page.


But in NPS console i am getting 'volume' if group by 'destination or source site',  not getting variable for 'utilization' & 'speed'.

Anybody can help that how i can get required report??


Thanks in advance!!!




Re: Traffic ispi reporting

Hi Tarun,


   The Traffic SPI is designed to report metrics for network traffic flows of certain types and protocols and typically reports volume and type  with some basic utilization. In order to get more detailed report types for interface utilization and speed, you would need to install the HP Performance for Metrics SPI, which is designed for and contains the specific interface metrics extension pack you are looking for. You can try this out or any of our other enterprsie demo software by downloading the trial from I have inlcuded the Admin help pdf for 9.11 Traffic SPI whihc will assit you in getting some utilzaition info, but I really believe you will need the Performance Metrics SPI.


Hope this helps.

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