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Synchronizing aborted

Super Collector

Synchronizing aborted


I use NNM i version 7.53 (i know that this version is out of support, bu it is system of my client). I have problem with synchonizing aplication. When I run NNM console (by Reflextion X, MobaXterm etc) aplication try to synchonize (processing map etc), but often it aborted  and I have problem with archival data (for example I cannot see traffic on interface (wchich i collected by data collection and thresholds) by mib browser. (I am sure shis data is stored).

Have you any idea?

HPE Expert

Re: Synchronizing aborted



Have you tried to synch the maps? The following commands will synhronize and do a veification of database and system in your MS and CS:


(1)  ovstop -c netmon
(2)  ovw -mapcount -ruvcDR
(3)  ovtopofix -chOs
(4)  ovw -mapcount -ruvcDR
(5)  xnmsnmpconf -clearCache
(6)  ovstart -c netmon




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Re: Synchronizing aborted

I did this and my problem still exist...


I have this problem only in 2 interfaces (both serial subinterfaces)



I have that problem on every host on interfaces 23 and 24.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event