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Sybase DB credentials for iSPI

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Sybase DB credentials for iSPI

Dear Experts,


I have installed NPS and iSPI Performance for Metrics on my HA cluster where NNMi is installed.


What will be the credentials to login to Sybase iSQL as I am not aware of that information.


Kindly advise on the default credentials and database to be selected to login.







Michael Cameron
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Re: Sybase DB credentials for iSPI

To connect to the database on the NPS server use the ODBC DSNs, for example:

dbisql -c "DSN=PerfSPIDSN" -nogui "select @@version"
Sybase IQ/ Linux64 - x86_64 - 2.6.18-194.el5/64bit/2013-05-03 16:14:49                       

(1 rows)

Execution time: 0.082 seconds


The credentials are available in the DSN:


iqdsn -g PerfSPIDSN
Sybase IQ Data Source Utility Version


But these are subject to change (user can run changeDBpwd.ovpl)


I'd urge caustion using direct database access.  Access to the database is unsupported, while you can possibly get what you need by using direct access there is no published API and the schema is subject to change not only across versions but even in patches.  You also circumvent the BI layer used for reporting which imposes things like multi-tenancy rules.


It may be better to explain what you need before using what you asked for...


Re: Sybase DB credentials for iSPI


Hello Michael,


I have the same requirement.  I need to access NPS Sybase database to monitor it using HP Operations Agent.  However, HP Opeartions Agent cannot discover the database, and I really do not know what will be the effect of applying the monitoring policies to the databse.  Will it affect database performance?


Is there a way to detect early database issues through database access, or some log file to monitor for early database issues?


Thank you,