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Spiral Discovery configuration

Honored Contributor

Spiral Discovery configuration

Hi All


How to configure Spiral Discovery in NNM 9i


Also is it required to configure a single seed for Spiral discovery to work or does spiral discovery works based on IP ranges without Seeds.


Please advise.

Esteemed Contributor

Re: Spiral Discovery configuration

Hello Ramesh , 



You have total control over which Nodes are discovered by configuring a Discovery Seed for each Node. To define a Discovery Seed, you provide one of the following sets of information:

  • hostname ( not case-sensitive) and Tenant
  • IP address and Tenant

NNMi uses the Discovery Seed to make initial contact. Discovery seeds are only relevant during initial discovery. NNMi requests each Node's current Management Address (the address from which the node's SNMP Agent responds) and uses that IP address for all communication after initial discovery. You can configure discovery seeds three ways,


Dynamic discovery process continues over time. When things change in your network
management domain, Spiral Discovery automatically updates information according to a schedule
that you set. The topology maps always reflect accurate and timely information about any changes
within your network.




please check in the attached document in Page 175 . 



All the best .
Mostafa Hassan
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event