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Setting User Password - nnmsetcmduserpw.ovpl

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Setting User Password - nnmsetcmduserpw.ovpl

I can't seem to get the script 'nnmsetcmduserpw.ovpl' to work properly.  We currently have NNM setup using Active Directory accounts for login.  The script will not run as root but we also do not have any local accounts to run the script under.  If we do run the script from an active directory account we receive an error "Can't locate"  I suspect this is because the account is not privileged to run this script.  So basically the script cannot be run at all.  I was expecting to be able to insert the system account and its corresponding password but I am unable to even get the script to run.  I tried creating a local account but I am still given the same error as I do with an active directory one. 


Running 9.10 on a RHEL system.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event