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Send mail on Alarm

Fichot Laurent
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Send mail on Alarm


I'm running an Eval version of NNM ... (6.1)
I just can't find the example of mail config on the online Help ! I swear i
I just want to send a mail on new alarm ( node down for ex! )
If anyone can give me a way to do it ...

Tim Deger_1

Re: Send mail on Alarm

Hi there,

I don't believe there is a native command in HP OV to send mail. I am assuming
that you're using the NT version. This may not be what you really want to do,
but what I ended up doing was downloading the free version of Telamon Telalert
SE from This has both paging and SMTP e-mail capabilities and
plays very well with HP NNM.
Gary Tomlin_2
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Re: Send mail on Alarm

I started a thread (Email from NNM/NT using mapisend.exe - 4/11/2000) about
using a free
utility from microsoft, mapisend.exe, which
allows emails to be sent from the command line.

I have been able to get this to work from the command
line but not as an external action which we are still
working on.

Anonymous Cowar
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Re: Send mail on Alarm


issue the following as the action:

cmd /c start mailto:username@domain?subject="THESUBJECT"?body="Alarm with OV: "

Try different values within OV to see what kind of messages you have. You can define the sender, but it will use WHICHEVER account normally handles mailto: requests from the Start-> Run of NT.
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Anonymous Cowar
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Re: Send mail on Alarm

Ok.. New info... The above DOES NOT work. It will brink up the mail window, but not actually send it!

Not all that useful.

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Israel Briggs
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Re: Send mail on Alarm

This is a little bulky to set up, but it works quite well once it's there.

Using any scripting language supported by Windows Management Instrumentation Standard (PERL, Vbasic etc.) create a a script that generates a text message in the following format:
========== begin example =============


================ end of example ======

Once the message file is created, move it to the PICKUP directory of the Windows SMTP mail service. Assuming the mail service is properly configured, it will be picked up and processed.

Budda Smiles on you.
William Yager
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Re: Send mail on Alarm

This works for sure. I implemented it about 2 weeks ago.

Use a freeware tool called "postie" avalable at This is a command line e-mail tool which works well and efficiently.

Remember, any executable called as an alarm action either needs to be in the path or in the OpenViewbin directory. You'll need to put postie.exe there and if you choose to use the config file, postie.txt, that needs to be in that directory as well.

Additional instructions come with the download.

Good Luck.
Armindo Guilamb
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Re: Send mail on Alarm

I have diferent option.

I am running NNM 6.10 on NT and a diferent machine running exchange server with no SNMP service running. I am using mapisend and it is working perfectly.
Everything I did was change the ovactiond.lrf to use a valid NT user that have account in exchange server to send messages.
Mapisend is a microsoft utility to send massages from the command line and must be executed with a valid domain user.

Good luck.