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SNMP v3 discovery query

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SNMP v3 discovery query

Hello Expert,


We have installed HP NNMi 9.20 with latest patch on windows server 2008 in HA using windows cluster

We are facing issue, when we try to configuration poll of devices.


When we do configuration poll we got error --


"*.*.*.* as Non-SNMP because of SNMP NodeInfo query error : Unresponsive !"


When we config poll SNMP v3 device for several times then we are able to get the SNMP Response. We have to do this same even after the device has been discovered as SNMP.



Please suggest, if any have face this issue.


Dave Young
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Re: SNMP v3 discovery query



  Can I suggest you open a case with HP support so this can be investigated.


  With SNMPv3 there is a protocol setup exchange of packets where NNMi has to learn the remote agents EngineID, EngineTime and Boot count.   This exchange can take a different number of packets depending on how the agent has been implemented.  Sadly with all standards we have seen them interpreted in different ways.


  In order to address you situation we will need to get some network traces to see what is happening with this protocol establishment, especially when it is failing.


  All the best


Dave Y

HP Support
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