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SNMP Trap Jython Action Scripts set incident attribute

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SNMP Trap Jython Action Scripts set incident attribute

We converted from 7.5 to 9.10.  In 7.5 we had multiple instance of the SNMP Object with difference names based on files with a list of nodes.


I was able to in 9.10 using SNMP Trap Configuration>Node Settings>Enhancement to change the Category but I can not change the incident name.    So I thought I would try Jyphon.  I got as far as setting hooking up a script but I am not sure how to set incident in the jyphon script.    Does anyone know where this is document?



Dave Young
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Re: SNMP Trap Jython Action Scripts set incident attribute



  NNM and NNMi have take a different route to implement customisations to a trap.  As you stated NNM used the concept of copying the OID and giving the trap configuration a different name and then identifying the matching configuration base on the source field which could either be a node list or a file containing a series of nodes.


  NNMi has taken a different approach.  Now you have the one incident within which you can match on either an interface group, a node group, or the default configuration.  In each of these sections you can then configure the enrichment, dampening, actions etc which can also be further qualified with the use of payload filters.


  The actions that can be run are either program files, perl scripts, kernel scripts on unix or jython functions as defined in a file.   If you need to provide the name of the incident, or any other incident, source node or source object attribute, to the jython function then this can be done via the parameter list.  A complete list of all incident attributes can be found at the URL:




  I hope this is of some help


  All the best



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