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Router Redundancy Group

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Router Redundancy Group



I receive multiple RR Multiple Primary Messages per day from a pair of L3 switches who have a bunch of vlans and corresponding vlan interfaces.


Closer inspection of the RR groups shows that in VRRP 10, which should have network / VLAN 10 only, there are some other vlan interfaces as well, like from VLAN 20 etc.


So from a switch config perspective, everything is fine, but somehow NNM pulls vlan interfaces into a Redundancy Group that is not part of that group. Also strange: From the 20 or so vlan interfaces / vrrp group on the switches, not all of them have this problem. Also, the groups triggering the false alerst don´t show _all_ the other vlan interfaces, but only 10 or so.


So I wonder: What happened ? Is the MIB of the switches or their SNMP implementation buggy ? Does NNM interpret the data in a creative way ? What can be done to manually remove certain vlan interfaces from groups they don´t belong to and keep them monitored only in the group they should be member of ?



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Re: Router Redundancy Group

The quickest way to see if its the MIB or the Device software is to pull the  VRRP instance table from that device and see if all the values are unique. If they are not guess what ?

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Re: Router Redundancy Group


We have the same Router redundancy group Switching alerts issue. We asked the network team to check in syslogs. They didnt get any alerts.

Please suggest the  troubleshooting steps in this issue.

Thanks in advance.