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Ribs and ILO

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Ribs and ILO

Hi all,


NNMi 9.11

How do you handle server RIB/ILO ip'S?

How is it that HP NNMi can't recognize HP/Compaq rib/ilo Ip's for what they are?


We have SNMP passthrough enabled


Shouldn't it be as easy as recognizing the HW as HP/compaq type that would have RIB and then seeing that an IP responds with the same exact info except this IP is not listed in the IP address table of the device?


Traps that are received from the RIB IP are always displayed as just an IP because that IP is not listed in the known IP's of its node.


Is it just me or does this seem like it should be simple OOB functionality?


If I do the HP NNMi–HP SIM Integration does it get intelligent about Ribs/ILOs?