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Reporting problem of IPT Telephony SPI

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Reporting problem of IPT Telephony SPI

Hi All,


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I have a problem in the IPT SPI, i'm running it for Cisco and Avaya and it has discovered the clusters and the UCMs as well as the CMs, i can see list of IP phones for Cisco and Avaya with all the details, i'm also receiving alarms when there's an unregistered extension or other problems, moreover i can see the CDR file on the NNMi server, means, the UCMs are sending the data to the NNMi server.


The problem that the reports on the NPS are not working, i can see the reports categories but when i click on a report such as "Average number of calls made" i receive a message that "No data for the selected parameter" in the page.


Can anyone advise how to troubleshoot this problem?


Thanks for youe help in advace.