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Registered incidents in NNMi

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Registered incidents in NNMi

Hello Experts,


Is there any mechanism in NNMi to clear the Registered incidents in NNMi ? In other words is there any retention period for incidents in NNMi ?


There are many traps, for which i dont have a clearing event. Just wanted to do a clean up.


NNMi 9.23 running on windows




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Re: Registered incidents in NNMi

Hello Anish,


The incidents generated in NNMi console will not get cleared/ reduced automatically until it's incidents has been reduced from the database by using nnmtrimincidents.ovpl.

You should use the command: “nnmtrimincidents.ovpl -trimOldest 20000” to trim the oldest incidents. You can repeat the command as many times as needed. Once its incident get removed from database, it will clear in Incident Browsing immediately.


You can find the syntax of the nnmtrimincidents.ovpl in the following docs


Thanks a lot and hope this help.!

Best Regards,
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