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Regarding Upgrade of NNMi 9.10 with Patch 4


Regarding Upgrade of NNMi 9.10 with Patch 4

Hi ,


In a environment were NNMi 9.10 with patch 4 is on Application Failover on Windows setup, we are upgrading the Passive NNMi server first.


Upgrade is completed and in the Post-Installation Setp its is in Hung state, No progress is being made.Its in this state for more than 2 hours. Any pointer to resolve this will be of great help.




Ravi Kumar

Dave Young
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Re: Regarding Upgrade of NNMi 9.10 with Patch 4



   We have seen this issue and if you check the installation logs you will see the problem may have occured when the new database is being created.  The resolution, if this is the case, is to manually create the database.


  I would suggest opening a case with HP Support so that we can help you resolve the issue.


  All the best


Dave Y

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