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Reading state file

Jack Westhoff_1
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Reading state file

Hello My name is jack westhoff

I have a problem i hobe some out there can help me whit.

When i start my NNM for NT it takes a long time to load #Alarm Categories#, i
can see it is #reading state file#.
After 1/2 hour it have only read 21%......!

Before i restart my NNM i have deleted all alarm.
Jack Westhoff
Berlene Herren_
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Re: Reading state file

Jack, it sounds like you might have a corrupted database.

1. Everyone out of the maps. Run:
ps -ef|grep ovw # kill -9 leftover process id's still running,
except ovlmd
2. ovtopofix -Wv
3. ovstart
4. ovstop netmon
5. ovw -mapcount -ruvD
6. ovtopofix -a
7. ovstart netmon

Now lets seek out and remove items marked as REMOVED, that did not leave
with the cleanup procedures:

1. Start NNM via:

2. Select the pulldowns:
"Locate->Objects->By Selection Name" and enter REMOVED in the "Regular
Expression" field then hit "Apply" or "Enter".

3. if this finds any objects, then we need to come out of the GUI again and
ovw -mapcount -Rv

4. Clear the cache again.

How to clean relatively clean databases on a routine basis:

1. ovstop netmon
2. ovw -mapcount -ruvD
3. ovtopofix -chs
4. ovstart netmon

If this doesn't help, you might have to start over. If so, take a look at the
end of Chapter 5, Managing Your Network.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event