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Question on BSM connector and NNMi events.

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Question on BSM connector and NNMi events.

Hello all,

I am not an NNMi expert; rather, I work more with BSM/OMi and customize our events from various HP data collectors.  For this question I am using BSM 9.23, NNMi 9.20, and the BSM Connector on the NNMi server.  The device is a Cisco ASR1000.

I am trying to customize the InterfaceOutputUtilizationHigh and InterfaceInputUtilizationHigh NNMi events to handle our core routers differently than most of our devices.  In other words, we want to handle our primary data center routers differently than our remote sites.  One important point that is making this difficult is that none of the routers or interfaces are in DNS, so I have no reverse lookup to assist.

In the BSM Connector I have tried a few changes on the InterfaceOutputUtilizationHigh policy rule.  First I made a copy and moved it ahead of the default rule.  Then on the Node equals field on the Condition Definition tab I have tried using the IP address, node name, interface name of the device.  For each of the changes our NNMi admin will lower the event threshold to generate an event, and it always hits the default rule and not my customized rule.  

I have the trap info in the BSM event, and the interface IP address is listed in the message text of varbind 11.  Also, varbinds 21, 24, have the IP address, and varbind 43 has it as part of the CI hint.

Does anyone know what I should use in the Node equals field to grab these events before the default rule does?

Thanks in advance for any help.