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QA SPI Probe Configuration details required

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QA SPI Probe Configuration details required

We had installed NNM QA SPI along with NNM 9.20/NPS


We need to configure Probes for following Reports,


CBQoS Reports

Ping Pair Reports


I see we can configure the Probe in QA SPI Configuration page, but the manual does not say what needs to be configured.


Does any one have details on what needs to be configured, probably self-solve document etc.


Please help.

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Re: QA SPI Probe Configuration details required



We have QA in our environment.


According to me, you do not have to do anything from NNMi. Once from the device end, the probes are configured, it wil come under QA tab in NNMi console.


Later you can filter as per your requirment and configure the threshold for ticketing.




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Re: QA SPI Probe Configuration details required

Simply the configurations reside on your network devices and NNMi QA SPI discovers them.

You have to configure a sender and a responder in your network (can be on the existing router, or you can dedicate small shadow routers for this function) and some parameters to measure (delay, packet loss, jitter, etc) the function of the QA SPI is to collect those data from your network devices and display them.


Please check below how to configure the IP SLA on Cisco devices.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event