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Problem with permanent password

Henk Eldik
Regular Contributor.

Problem with permanent password


I have got the permanent password for NNM6.1 [Solaris] by e-mail. At this
moment I am running evaluation version and I want to install this password.

In the documentation there is some text about how you must 'upgrade' to this
registerd product. You have to use the ovnnmPassword utility. This utility is
not on my solaris system and therefore I have copied it from the original
installation CD in the right directory, /opt/OV/bin. I have also copied some
classes, in the same directory, OvnnmPassword.class etc. When I run the
ovnnmPassword utility it is saying that it is missing the
hp.ov.ovnnmPassword.OvnnmPassword class.
Is there someone who can give me some advice about this problem




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Berlene Herren_
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Problem with permanent password

The evaluation version of the software does not have full functionality. The
web evaluation does not ship dynatext manuals, MIBs, background graphics,
ovrepld, or ovnnmPassword.

You must install the regular version from the product CD.

You can determine if you have a web evaluation copy by running'ovnnmversion
-v'. Also, you can determine the version with these steps:

1. Select Help --> About HP OpenView.

2. Click More Information.

3. Look in the Password Information section.