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Performance question

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Jason Novak
Regular Contributor.

Performance question

Would there be a Performance Increase for OpenView Collection stations made into Cache servers or Secondary DNS servers.

My primary DNS server is on an NT box that is also a Wins server.

I am experiencing lag and am wondering about the NT box running both Wins and DNS. i am concerned with the NT DNS & Wins servers. That is how DNS is handled throughtout my organization.

I am trying to increase performance on my OpenView boxes maybe using DNS of some sort on the OpenView boxes themselves.



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Albert E. Whale
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Re: Performance question


It would certainly enhance your server's performance to incorporate a Caching or Secondary Server on your Management Server.

The boost comes from the fact that DNS would then operate via RAM instead of via the Network.

Hope that helps.

Please feel free to let me know if you need additional assistance.
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