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Partial admin role to level2 operators

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Partial admin role to level2 operators

Hello experts,


I want to grand additoinal roles to level2 operators. like add an custom attribute value in Nodes. Is this possible ?If yes then how ?


NNMi 920 running on windows.


Any help will be highly appreciated.




Dave Young
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Re: Partial admin role to level2 operators



  Unfortunately this is not possible.  There are a number of functions within NNMi that are hardcoded to certain user levels and they can't be overridden, even if you find the menu action in the UI configuration and change the settings there.


  In the nms-topology and nms-ui properties files in the <NnmDataDir>/shared/nnm/conf/props/  directory you will find some settings that allow you to configure a level 2 user to be able to delete objects and work with nodegroup maps, but I don't believe these extend to the Custom Attributes function.


  I would suggest you open an ER to request this capability if its important to you.


  All the best


Dave Y

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Re: Partial admin role to level2 operators



# To enable users with role Operator Level 2 to delete nodes, create and delete node groups,
# set the following properties to true
# Note that the corresponding property
# also corresponding properties level2NodeDelete and level2MapEditing
# in must also be enabled
#!com.hp.nnm.ui.level2NodeDelete = true
#!com.hp.nnm.ui.level2MapEditing = true