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No SNMP Trap displayed in Incident Window

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No SNMP Trap displayed in Incident Window



I am running 9.20 on W2008. I have loaded a vendor MIB, loaded the incident and enabled the trap(s). When I launch wireshark I can see the device sending the trap. I correlate that to the loaded MIB/trap definition and verify that the OID is correct. For some reason the traps never seem to display in the SNMP incident window.


I ran a nnmtrapdump and I can see the traps in there. I have also tried nnmsnmpnotify with the vendor OID and some basic test generic SNMP OID's. Nothing is every displayed in the window.


What can I try next or what am I missing?


I will also add that I loaded several other vendor MIB and they appear to be working. I noticed that the traps are also visible under configuration->Trap Server->Trap Logging Configuration. Not sure if this is related or not.


Any ideas are appreciated.

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Re: No SNMP Trap displayed in Incident Window

Hello Mister



Did you enable the trap under Configuration->Incident Configuration-> SNMP TRAPS?


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Re: No SNMP Trap displayed in Incident Window

Remember NNMi is discrete, the node and the device element have to be actively managed for the trap concerning that entity to be registered UNLESS the checkbox under Incident Configuration "Discard Unresolved SNMP Traps and Syslog Messages" is cleared.

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Re: No SNMP Trap displayed in Incident Window

I noticed that this behaviour started after installing patch 3 three days prior. This morning I stopped all services, rebooted for a fourth time. Once the server had completed rebooting I manually started the services. Once this was complete the SNMP traps started appearing in the Incident window.