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Nnmi Postgres Database size

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Nnmi Postgres Database size

Hi Experts,


NNMi 9.2 patch 4


Linux in HA


How to check the NNMi Postgres Database size.


Available space and used space


Please suggest

Dave Young
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Re: Nnmi Postgres Database size



  You can use various psql commands to determine the size of the DB and the tables.  The internet has a lot of good information on Postgres.   However for your question you have


For the size on disk ( apart from using OS commands ):


psql -U postgres
postgres=#select pg_size_pretty(pg_database_size('nnm')) ;


Or the internal size of data within the DB


psql -d nnm -U postgres postgres=#select SUM(relpages * 8192) AS size_in_bytes FROM pg_class WHERE relnamespace = (SELECT oid FROM pg_namespace WHERE nspname='public') ;


  if you need to know how to access the DB then please refer to the KCS document:


  All the best


Dave Y

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