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Netflow being rejected by server.

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Netflow being rejected by server.

I set up NNMi and iSPI performance for Traffic on the same server.  When I click 'NNM iSPI Performance for Traffic Leaf Collectors' I see the collector name, the status is 'RUNNING', there is a check mark on 'Flow' and the listen port is 2055. 


When I go into 'NNM iSPI Performance for Traffic Configuration' and select 'Leaf Collectors' I see the name, IP and status is 'RUNNING'.  When I click 'Installation Verification' and click Validate everything checks out (except the secondary options which is not used). 


The problem is I'm not getting any flows.  So I turned up Wireshark and see the following:


Source:                     Destination:           Protocol:              Info:         CFLOW                  total: 1 (v9) record (I think this is OK, source is Cisco dest is iSPI)               ICMP                      Destination unreachable (Port unreachable)


The server is sending a ICMP protocol unreachable packet back to the Cisco.  When I do a netstat -a the (Windows) server is not listening on udp 2055 (NetFlow).  Attached is a screen shot from Wireshark (couldn't insert in body).


Any ideas????










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Re: Netflow being rejected by server.

First up, does your server have a local firewall running? Make sure you're allowing inbound UDP/2055.


That said, I've found the iSPI Traffic Collector to be fairly unreliable, until I got some hotfixes applied to it.


Until then, I had a number of occasions where restarting the Collectors would result in the processes appearing to run, but not listening on the desired port. Running through a few restart cycles would usually get it working again.


If you hunt through the application logs, you'll see some indications of errors. Check the logs, see if there's anything obvious. Other than that, the only thing you can do is to restart the master and leaf collectors a few times.


You should also open a support case. They may give you some updated binaries, which have helped with some instability issues I've had. 

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Re: Netflow being rejected by server.

What are the exception you see in the log file?
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