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NNMu7.53 and NNMi

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NNMu7.53 and NNMi

Hello all,


We currently run NNMu7.53 & OMu8.31 and we're planning on upgrading to NNMi 9.x in the next 3 months and Omu9 in about 18 months.


How do we decommission NNMu7.53 without losing the fuctionality needed to run OMu8.31?

If it just a simple case of disabling netmon or would HP need more doing to class this as a decommission,



Jerry Heiselman
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Re: NNMu7.53 and NNMi

Someone can add to this if they think I'm missing anything, but take the following steps:


  1. Remove policies that forward messages from NNM to OMu
  2. Disable discovery in NNM
  3. Drain NNM's inventory
  4. If any ECS circuits are installed at the OMu level that use NNM data (i.e. the OSSPI Correlator one) then remove/disable it.

The processes will still need to run, but without discovery and without any inventory, it won't be doing much of anything.