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NNMi and Trap

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NNMi and Trap

Hello every NNMi User


I would to know if there is a method to load trap in NNMi,

As after NNMi replace a numeric value in a trap by the value configured in the mib file


Here the custom attribute attach to the trap

. asn_integ 4

and here the definition  of the varbind in the mib

ibTrapSeverity OBJECT-TYPE
	SYNTAX          INTEGER {
                         critical (5),   -- service impact problem
                         major    (4),   -- problem requiring user intervension
                         minor    (3),   -- problem not requiring user interv.
                         info     (2),   -- informational only
                         indetermined (1)
	MAX-ACCESS      accessible-for-notify
	STATUS          current
	DESCRIPTION     "It contains the serverity of the trap."
	::= { ibNotificationVarBind 2}

So I would like that NNMi directly tell that " ibTrapSeverity is major" and not . asn_integ 4

thank you for your help

dieter boschung
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Re: NNMi and Trap

Hello Le_savoyard


If the mib has been correctly loaded then you can use the $text($<CIA_oid>) construct to replace the CIA_oid value with the corresponding text.


Your Incident message would look like:


ibTrapSeverity is $text($.


See also the online help, search for "Functions to Generate Values Within the Incident Message"



Kind regards



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Re: NNMi and Trap

Thank for the response