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NNMi and Name Resolution

Stephen Turcott
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NNMi and Name Resolution

I am having very many problems with forcing NNMi to use the Node Names I need it to use to interface with our Notification Engine.

NNMi seems to ignore the /etc/hosts file name setting we have configured, even though our /etc/nsswitch.conf settings indicate to use files only:
hosts: files

Our nslookup command on our Solaris server ignores the /etc/hosts file. Our device names are set incorrectly, even if we add a Specific Node setting to the Discovery Configuration, defining the Management IP address.

How can I force NNMi to use the names I want to use for these devices, instead of the names it deems appropriate?

Is NNMi using nslookup, or gethostbyaddr or gethostbyname?

Can I force Solaris to not use DNS and rely totally on the /etc/hosts file (this is how we have our current prod NNM 7.5 HPUX server set)?

Is Sprial Discovery determining the loopback address, resolving the name to the loopback, regardless of the Discovery Configuration settings if snmp is enabled on the node?

I appreciate any insight/suggestions,

Steve T.
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Re: NNMi and Name Resolution


did you ever find a way to make NNMi reference a local hosts file?

just that I've an NNMi9.0.1 on windows where this would be really useful for assigning names to nodes which are not in DNS ( as they appear as just IP addresses.)




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Re: NNMi and Name Resolution

Not sure if I can help with much, but I have a couple things that might help.


When you issue the command "nslookup" what does the output display? If it is trying to use the hosts file, it should show something similar to: "Using /etc/hosts on: <server>"


What do you have the "Node Name Resolution" set to under Discovery Configuration? (This tells NNMi how to resolve an IP address when it tries to determine the hostname to display in NNMi). You want this to be set to one of the "DNS" options if you want it to reference DNS to determine the hostname to display in NNMi. If it is set to a "sysName" is till SNMP poll the device for it's hostname and use that. It goes in order, obviously, if the first one fails to return a name, it will try #2, etc.

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Re: NNMi and Name Resolution

Its an OS level system setting in your /etc/nsswitch.conf  file that determines in what order and what sources are used for name resolution.  You want this line in that file:


hosts:      files dns



Have a nice day :)

Andy Kemp
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Re: NNMi and Name Resolution

Hi Andy


thanks for that. Thats fine when UNIX/Linux, but in this case we are using Windows as the NNMi server?




Re: NNMi and Name Resolution

If I wanted to use DNS first but have hosts as a backup for 4-6 critical servers that all work together for my ERP

“hosts: DNS file”

...would above work?, what about time outs?

What I was thinking was primary DNS, secondary DNS, then /etc/hosts, and then back to primary, in a continuous roll over.


My web server (interface) requires a rock solid communications to my application server.  Thanks for any input, I have no desire to put the whole network in my hosts, just the mission critical servers for my ERP.  -KJ

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Re: NNMi and Name Resolution

For Windows the registry control specified and provided for in the Windows implementation is:
Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\VxD\MSTCP
Value: DnsNbtLookupOrder  see


Hope this helps.