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Hello everybody


We ware installing NNMI on a large network


On this network we have a lot of sites which are connected by wan.


these wan are managed by different providers (such as Orange, SFR, Easynet)


So NNMi create a lot of Islands


Is somebody have the same configurations us and how he manage the islands :

 - what have you done for having well understanding events, For changing this  even "Remote site containing node xxxxx is unreachable" form Island_yyy is not easy to locate

- What have you done to clarify the use of a lot of island (renaming, ....)



On our precedent product, we had Fanout, which is a virtual node, we are used to connect all the remote sites to the central site

This virtual node have no ip address, it have on multiple interfaces


Thank for your help

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Here is some information on how NNMI handles island groups.

An Island Node Group is a group of fully-connected nodes discovered by NNMi, and NNMi

determines this group is not connected to the rest of the topology.

An example of an environment with multiple Island Node Groups is a financial institution

or retail store with many branches or stores. Each branch or store might be connected to

other branches or stores with a WAN (Wide Area Network) connection. Each branch or

store appears as an isolated island of nodes in the NNMi topology.

NNMi automatically updates Island Node Group discovery information whenever it detects

changes in Layer 2 connections. NNMi uses the Discovery Interval to determine when the

updates actually occur.Note the following about Island Node Groups:

NNMi selects a representative node in eachIsland Node Group as the Source Node

associated with an Island Node Group incident. The representative node is selected using

the following criteria:

Sort all routers in the Node Group alphabetically by name and choose the first one in the list

If no routers are in the Node Group, sort all nodes in the Node Group alphabetically by name and choose the first one in the list. Island Node Groups are identified using "Island" in the Node Group Name. NNMi also

assigns each Island Node Group name a number to ensure the name is unique.

Island Node Groups are manage internally. Therefore, NNMi administrators should not

modify Island Node Group configurations. NNMi overrides any user changes the next time

NNMi updates the Island Node Group discovery information.

Island Node Groups must have at least two nodes.

How the Status of Island Node Groups is calculated cannot be changed.

The only possible Status values for

Island Node Groups are Unknown and Normal.

Unknown indicates that NNMi cannot reach any nodes in the group. Normal indicates that

NNMi can reach at least one node in the group. Hope this helps......

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Thanks for your information


there is nothing to do to make the use of island more compressive for operator


a name ISLAND_999 is not very friendly


We can't change this name , may be in node group ?


Best regards


about the 3 links : I can't access them

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Unfortunately that won't work you cannot change it. If you in the UI it will change if the nodes get rediscovered as for the links these are enhancements, here is a cut and paste from the web site.

This request is to provide utility for users to be able to modify the containment of island groups discovered by NNMi QCCR1B46280  Provide utility for users to be able to name and/or rename island groups discovered by NNMi  QCCR1B46279  This request is to provide a utility for users to visualize in map all NNMi island groups (island nodes map)QCCR1B46276   

Hope this helps.