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NNMi alert reduction

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NNMi alert reduction

Hi Experts,


NNMi version:9.20 with patch 4  on Linux OS


Need to reduce number of incoming alerts, I have tried Rate correlation, deduplication this will increase the alert by sending extra alert saying deduplicate correlation or rate correlation.


My requirement is if I get a 1000 alert from a particular node with the one source that need to be suppressed into 1 alert for link flapping many number of alerts come, can I do the suppression and send only one alert as bulk alert or duplicate alert.


Please advice



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Re: NNMi alert reduction

Hello Abishek,


Excellent question. I would like to recommend you do deduplication with a dampening, in order to reduce the quantity of traps. Basically the dampening wil return the traps per periods, if before of this period the trap is closed, it's deleted. Then if this traps never comes to NNMi, this trap comes to a deduplication and will delete more traps.


Please let me know if this helps.




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Re: NNMi alert reduction

Hello Abhishek,


Additionally, you should review the following docs to be understood better the Incident Management.

This whitepaper describes the NNMi event pipeline and Incident configuration. It includes the following Incident configuration options:
•  Deduplication
•  Rate Correlation
•  Incident Suppression
•  Enrichment
•  Actions

Hope this help!

Do let us know should you need further clarification!

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