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NNMi OVsPMD process

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NNMi OVsPMD process

Hi Team,


Need understanding of NNMi process 


when we do the ovstatus it shows the list of process running, want to know the exact path of these process is it in the NNMi install directory /var/opt/OV


Also OVsPMD control process that manages all the other NNMi processes--- What is the path of this process.

dieter boschung
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Re: NNMi OVsPMD process

Hi Abhishek


The NNMi processes (daemons) are installed in /opt/OV/bin and /opt/OV/lbin, not /var/opt/OV


Daemons located in /opt/OV/bin

- nnmaction

- ovjboss

- ovspmd


Damons locate din /opt/OV/lbin

- pmd

- nmsdbmgr


The purpose of ovspmd is to act as a backgroup process to start/stop the NNMi daemons and print their current status (ovstart, ovstop, ovstatus). If ovspmd is not running when you first run ovstart, then it starts itself as a background process (daemon).




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